Monday, August 19, 2013

Hmmm...Organic Hair Products Aren't Working For Me, So Now What?

This has been an interesting summer with allergies and now the problems have filtered down to my most favourite organic hair products.  Today I shampooed and conditioned my hair with regular chemical hair products and there is not so much as a rash, water blister nor itch anywhere on my body.

I suppose the mold in our house may be what started this summer of uber reaction to all things organic, or perhaps it started with my originally mild and now raging allergy to the oak tree in our front yard, but now I can't even use my organic shampoos??  REALLY??  Are you kidding me?

I have never before this spring reacted to any plants other than sweet peas and lilacs, purely respiratory allergies to the strong scents.  This spring I started getting rashes when I touched the oak tree or mowed the lawn, then water blisters began and how disappointing is that?  Now I can't even shower and wash my hair without breaking out in water blisters over my entire body, if I used plant based products.

So, until I can get home and get to a doctor in an attempt to discover the root cause of my extreme histamine reactions I will return to chemical soaps and hair products.  

Having to take an antihistamine in order to shower and wash my hair is just too wierd even for me!

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chris e. said...

'Organic' hair products are usually not all that different from the run of the mill ones. Often the big difference is price and referring to some quite common ingredient by a different name, such as calling sodium laureth sulfate 'coconut derived cleansing agent.' Also a lot of the supposedly dangerous ingredients 'organic' brands proudly claim to be free of are added to inhibit mould growth.
After 30 odd years of label reading and research, my recommendation is to find a cheap product that leaves your hair looking good and leave the 'organic' products on the shelf as well as a bit more money in your wallet.