Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

The last services before holidays are completed, we have had lunch, a quick stop for some last minute trip related needs and we have both had a nap.  It is sunny and warm with rain predicted for tomorrow that will save us watering time on the lawn.  One of the church wardens is going to work on the weeds and such while we are away and see if he can get a better idea of where we need to tear up the front lawn and put some top soil down for next spring.  He has pruned the hedge and some of the bottom branches of spreading trees we had no time to worry about during the busy spring season.  We will be forever grateful for his help this year as this is my second summer of being physically limited in what I can accomplish doing outside work.  Tomorrow the roofers will come to finish the church roofing project that began last summer.  The rest of the money has come in for it, unsolicited, so what a great completion to a much needed job.  We have other priests and lay people set up to do the services at both churches while we are away so no stresses there with last minute frantic calls trying to cover everything.  The way everything has come together for this holiday is such a change after our frantic attempts to plan for the past 2 summers, not knowing until the last minute if anything was going to come together properly.  Don't know if all will go as smoothly on the trip as presently planned out, but at least we are starting from a point of relaxation this time.  Whew!!  That feels GOOD!!

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