Friday, August 30, 2013

Maaaaybeeee not Such a High Note After All

My husband had a wonderful day.  Breakfast with his friend lasted two and half hours while they shared all the theological ideas they have been bashing about in their brains for the past month.  He completed some more work in his home office.  He weed whacked all along the back area behind the house and did a marvellous job.  He got a list together of priorities he needs to do tomorrow in the church office and prepared the first part of his Sunday sermon. He checked on the music and musicians for Sunday. He raked up the dozens of apples that fell off the crab apple tree while we were still away and a friend's horses will reap the benefits at their snack times.

Such a glorious and fruitful day (excuse the pun!) and then at dinner tonight the exhaustion and sweating hit, the dry cough began, the little sneezes here and there made an appearance.  Yup, he is coming down with the same respiratory infection I have been struggling with for the past 2 weeks.  NOOOOOO!!!

My prayer is that he will not do the "Macho Men Do Not Get Sick Enough To Go To Doctors For Little Coughs" routine.  My prayer is that after Sunday services he will head over to emergency to see the doctor on call at the hospital.  Even in our little town the pharmacies are open in the afternoons on Sundays and long weekend Mondays.  He can't afford to wait as long as I did to get help because he has a job and people depending on his immediate return to work.  He so rarely is ill, but this is the second bout of illness in four months.  

Since he is so rarely incapacitated by illness, maybe he will be frightened enough to go for help right away this time.

As for myself, it seems possible that the cause of my now daily allergy rashes may be from my daily ingestion of yogurt, so as of tomorrow I will try being yogurt free for 3 weeks and see if it helps.  Maybe if I ever move out of this moldy house my other allergies that started cropping up this spring will subside.  Oooh, I am so tired of health issues continually coming up over this past few months.  TIRED OF IT I SAY!!



chris e. said...

For a 'challenge' allergy test for food, you only need to go off it for 3 days, although completely off it, like no yogurt in a sauce or anything. Then on Day 4, get up and have a double serving of the food in question, all by itself so there is nothing else to dilute it down or provoke a different allergy. If the yogurt is a problem you will know for sure! Most allergic reactions (except anaphylactic ones) decrease after about 10 days away from the substance, so you don't want to wait too long to retry the food, or you may get a 'false passing grade.' Days 4 - 6 will give you the worst reactions if you are going to have one.

Susan said...

Thanks Chris for the info. I think I will start with my allergist's recommendation to go off the yogurt for 3 weeks before I reintroduce it. Will see what happens and if the yogurt even has anything to do with this. I suspect that if I can get away from the mold for a few months I won't have allergy reactions to many of the things that are presently bothering me. But who knows.....