Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Planning for Future Vacations

This year for part of our vacation we did something we have rarely done, but will definitely try to save for in the future.

This year we booked into a suite hotel for an entire week. To have a kitchen in which to make our own meals, a separate bedroom and a good sized living room and dining room, plus a balcony, daily maid service, breakfast provided, incredible staff to help us with our every other words a full sized apt. with housekeeping and so relaxing.  

However we have decided that a week of this is simply a small taste of the vacation good life.  So we are starting a little savings fund for our next vacation that is specifically for our accommodation.  Monthly rates are even better than weekly rates and it is wonderful to have a complete home away from home.   Next time we are going to book into a favourite suite hotel for an entire month, one of the hotels that is smack dab in the middle of a large city shopping and restaurant area but close to outdoor activities for my husband. That merger more or less happened this year on  our too short week in one place and my husband is keen to do this again as soon as possible on his annual holiday time.  

Spending the entire month in such a place would take away the feeling that we have to spend the entire holiday running here and there, cramming everything into an action packed but exhausting seven days or less.  We are getting past the point of wanting to do that.  My husband, of all people, who has arranged almost every holiday around either or both of our family members and their needs and availability, has decided he has to finally arrange a vacation where there are no relatives involved.  At present we live closely enough to our immediate extended family members that we can see them relatively often without having to incorporate them into his vacation time.  I am liking his change of thinking!!

So, my little budget-weary brain is all ready plotting as to how I can manage to save sufficient funds to go away again next summer and have the vacation he is ready to have.  Yippee!!

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