Saturday, August 31, 2013

Poor Little Kittens...But A Happy Ending!

Sometimes cruel people hurt animals.  We had a serious case of animal cruelty in our town just  yesterday and if the outcome had been as expected it would have broken my heart.

Someone horribly sick in mind and soul decided to throw 3 kittens of about 8 months old out of their truck window while driving at highway speed just north of town.  Highway speed would be at least 100km per hour.  As it happened there was a car coming up behind when the perpetrator tossed out the kittens. The kittens slammed into the windshield of the car following the truck and bounced off onto the road and into the ditches.  Thank God the car driver  had the brains and good conscience to stop, locate all 3 kittens and find help for them.  The kittens each lost a few teeth and have split lips that required stitches, as well as some bumps and bruises, but they are going to be fine.  AND all 3 have been adopted out to good homes all ready.

I hope a huge blessing falls upon the driver of that car for going to all that trouble to help 3 wee animals in distress....the heart of God was in that person yesterday, that is for sure.  I hope huge blessings fall upon the people who adopted the injured kittens and will give them security and love.

AND I am trying to discipline my own self to stop hoping that what goes around comes around to the driver of the truck who threw those cats out the window.  Thankfully there is forgiveness available when God gets hold of him or her.  Thankfully I am not God because my first response is to want to string such folk up tightly from a particular part of the anatomy that is between the bottom of the belly button and the middle of the thighs!!

Yup, if I was God that is what would happen. Yup, good thing I am not God.  God has the compassion for me that I should have for the criminal who injured the me to develop it Lord, even in this situation that upset me so badly. We all do things sometimes that cause great harm to other creatures.  Please get hold of the person who was so cruel to the kittens and help to transform that person with your forgiveness and love.

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