Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Best Holiday So Far in a Long Time

The first few days of our holiday have been quite wonderful.  Drive for 2 or 3 hours, stop and visit relatives or friends, spend the night, sleep in, drive for 2 or 3 hours the next day, stop and visit relatives and friends, spend the night, sleep in and on and on it goes.  Talk about relaxing!  We had a time of prayer, about my sleep disorder, with some seminary friends one evening and I have been sleeping about 8 hours every night ever since.....a first in at least 10 years for me.  This morning, if I hadn't had to get up for church, I think I could have slept even longer.  What an amazing feeling not to be tired every moment of every day.  

My husband admitted last night that he is now fully into the whole hotel holiday scenario.  It has taken over 30 years to be able to enjoy the hotel experience, but now he is really having a great time in every hotel we have stayed, good and not so good.  We enjoyed a fabulous Indian meal after church today and now he is napping happily in the middle of a great huge bed. Sometimes life is very good indeed.

More good times to come.  Even in the somewhat wretched hotel we had one night there was a great benefit or 2.  No one was in any of the rooms around us so we had our first good night of sleep.  In the morning we went to the restaurant next door and discovered that hotel guests there get coupons for five dollars per person off breakfast.  Both of us ate a grand breakfast and paid a total of four dollars and fifty-nine cents for it.  Always a silver lining or two.  The AC fans in all our rooms are just loud enough to block out other noises.  We have had great weather and are even enjoying a bit of rain today as we laze around until it is time to see the next friend.

Church this morning was edifying and fun.  The rector used to be Mormon, we used to be Pentecostal Baptists and we had fun sharing about becoming Anglicans.

So far this holiday has been quite wonderful and we hope the next little while will be as great.  Finally....a REAL holiday with few obligations to see anyone or do anything in particular.   

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