Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Unexpected Should Be Expected By Now I Suppose

We are still on vacation, warm sunny days, a smattering of rain here and there, a glorious mountain drive through Jasper Alberta to a very nice little Bed and Breakfast, the Dream Catcher Inn at Valemount BC. (great hostess, lovely location surrounded by big trees and amazing breakfasts, close to hikes of all kinds around lakes and beside mountains)

Our son is visiting with us.  He is doing a lot with his dad this week because I have bronchitis and am stuck in our suite, likely for the remainder of our time here.  It shouldn't have been the nasty surprise that it is to end up ill for most of our vacation.  As soon as we head west for the purpose of visiting our son it seems I am ill or injured in some way for most of the visit.  Since 'twas ever thus, I have decided to not fret and just roll with it.  Maybe if he relocates somewhere to the east of where I reside I will be able to visit him in good health and with no accidents befalling me. hahaha  I can't believe it has happened once again...but really should I be surprised? hahaha

Still it is good to have a total rest, even if it is imposed rather than chosen.  There is time for knotted muscles and stomach to relax, time to read and meditate without that nagging sensation in the back of my brain that I should be up doing something more useful.  If I spend some time coughing and feeling fuzzy headed, then there is nothing else that MUST be done that interferes with the healing process.

Son is so happy with the summer of university he completed and he is eager to get going on his thesis for next summer's presentation.  He still has a few days off work to spend with us and is enjoying some rest as well.  Our suite has a well appointed kitchen and we can cook for ourselves, sit around chatting in the living room, look out at the spectacular views, order some take away meals occasionally and just veg or be as active as we like.

I love holidays....sickness and all.  It is so good to be together as a family.

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