Monday, August 5, 2013

To Clean or Not To Clean....That is the Question.....

The annual holiday/house cleaning dilemma has reared its ugly head once again.  Such a simple thing, cleaning house; such a big decision when preparing for vacations.

If I don't clean before I go away, then on top of all the unpacking and laundry that accompany a return from vacation I also have to immediately clean the entire house when I should be relaxing for a few days first and relishing memories of the trip just taken.

If I do clean before I go away, then when I return there is the disappointment of seeing the thick dust from the surrounding fields settled all over the furniture and carpets and knowing that I had no chance to enjoy the cleanliness before it all has to be done again anyway. But the house IS due for a cleaning

This year I decided to compromise.  I began vacuuming today with the idea that this year's pre-vacation clean will simply be, as my mother used to say, "a lick and a promise".  Eeeww, I do not like that expression.  It makes my stomach turn over the same way the words, "succulent" and "belly" do.  The implications of that little phrase are really disgusting.  However, "a lick and a promise" is exactly what this house is going to get before I leave.

I have vacuumed all the carpets and floors but without moving much of the furniture and not bothering to use the baseboard attachment.  This afternoon I will dust using only the Swiffer disposable and whatever that doesn't pick up will just stay where it is until I get back.  Tomorrow morning the bathrooms will get their usual good cleaning but I doubt I will bother to wash the floors in the kitchen and entryways.  They will have mess dragged over them as we pack and unpack anyway, so there isn't much point in doing them ahead of time.

So now I have peace about what I am doing.  I can leave things to the point where they can be done a few days after I get home, but without a lot of pressure to plunge in up to the elbows to get rid of too much accumulated dirt.  

I can go on vacation with a clear conscience!!

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