Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trees, Trees and More Trees!

Over the past few days of travelling we have moved far away from prairie farmlands.  I guess I have lived on the prairies longer than I realized without that many holidays driving elsewhere. When we go to Vancouver to see our son we usually fly and miss out on much of the scenery.  This year we are wending our way across central Alberta and I am dazzled by all the trees.  There are poplar trees and birch trees and spruce trees and pine trees and fir trees, teeny lakes surrounded by trees, sloughs surrounded by trees, larger lakes surrounded by is glorious.  If I lived in the plush forests of British Columbia I know I would be one of the better known "tree huggers", not necessarily one of the environmental protectionist type tree huggers, but one of the kind that simply loves trees.  I love the thick bark and the spicy smelling, fuzzy needles, the feel of the smooth leaves, the smell of natural cedar and pine....ooh, it is all glorious.  Trees shade us and supply us with oxygen, they pull down the rain.  

I remember our apartment on the prairies when my husband was in seminary.  From our third storey balcony we could see exactly one tree. There were some pretty trees planted in the town, but that one tree in a field across the highway from our apt. was my favourite.  It stood alone, proud and tall and perfectly formed since it had no competition from other trees for sunlight and rain and space.

Aaaah, trees!  The thick planting of trees around our rectory is one of the things I most love about our present place of residence.  I love to open the kitchen blinds in the morning and open up the door to the deck so I can feel the peace and security they inspire in me as my day begins.  In terms of trees I am having a perfect holiday.   

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