Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Was Bad About the Vacation

With the vacation cut short this will hopefully be a short list and the subsequent post about what was good about our time will be longer!  So, what exactly was bad?

--getting the mumps was bad...very bad
--contacting everyone I had been in social contact with during the initial period of contagion

--missing seeing my parents to keep them from being exposed to my mumps
--my husband missing seeing his step-dad and extended family because of my mumps
--missing surprising friends on Vancouver Island because of my mumps
--sitting in a walk in clinic in Vancouver waiting for tests about my mumps
--sitting for a week inside a hotel room instead of racing madly about with my son because of my mumps
--not sleeping night after night due to pain from my mumps
--losing a full week of holidays to come home early because of my mumps and the secondary infection that took over my lungs
--returning to the prairies from the west coast and the mountains before I had a chance to feel better and enjoy them....because of my mumps

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