Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Was Good About the Vacation

Pretty much everything else!

--an excellent drive for the first week with nicely spaced times of sun and rain
--a chance to connect with my relatives who I have not seen in a long time
--a trip into Northern Alberta where we connected with friends we have not seen in over 30 years
--great accommodation
--greater restaurant meals
--greatest grocery shopping
--having an apt. hotel in Vancouver where we could cook for ourselves and I could be ill for an entire week while "suffering" daily housekeeping service (Sunset Inn and Suites time we are going for a full month!!)
--the Pacific Ocean (I did catch a glimpse of it one afternoon when I tried going out for awhile) 
--Vancouver's Van Dusen Gardens (no artificial manipulation of the plant life cycles just to have a splashy colour display)
--Jasper Park
--well maintained roads with huge improvements throughout the national parks
--the mountain chains
--visiting our son...every day for a week!
--our son's cooking skills....oooh the steaks were perfectly seasoned and grilled, mushrooms and onions sauteed to perfection, new potatoes...yum!
--Japanese food
--Thai food
--Greek food
--Italian food (L'isola Bella Bistro in Winfield BC)
--King sized beds
--flowers and trees and bushes and all things green and pretty
--the most gigantic stag elk I have ever seen in my life in Jasper Park
--many many mountain sheep on the highway at Golden BC
--the understanding sympathy of friends in AB we have to miss visiting this coming week
--coming home to the completion of the new church roofing
--knowing my husband doesn't have to take church services tomorrow even though he is home
--seeing my husband's face light up as soon as the first mountain came into view
--seeing my husband's face light up when the ocean first came into view
--seeing my husband's face light up at his first good culinary experience at a Greek restaurant. (Olympia Restaurant in Hinton AB)
--seeing my husband's face light up when we got to Vancouver despite knowing his activities would be limited to taking care of me and not a lot else
--hearing about our son's university life from earlier this summer
--a very comfy car in which to travel
--grace to share the driving for our 12 hour return drive yesterday

So many good, a pox on you stupid mumps.  You didn't manage to spoil everything after all!! Yippee!!

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