Monday, September 30, 2013

A New TV Show I Am Enjoying

My husband and I have found that rare programme we BOTH enjoy watching on tv.  Occasionally it happens.  This year's shared show is called The Blacklist.

We enjoyed the first episode last week and hoped that tonight's episode would be as interesting.  It was.  James Spader's character is witty and intelligent and he plays it well as always.  I suppose one drawback is that the character seems just a bit too slick and seems to have access to all kinds of information coming to him about the criminal world, even when he is incarcerated in a hidden lockdown FBI facility, but he is so likeable that some of the more obvious flaws in the plot and the dialogue are easy to ignore.

We have enjoyed the twists and turns in the plot line both weeks...some are easily foreseeable and others not.  There is one plot line that appears to be heading for an obvious outcome but we are suspicious that since it seems like such a done deal, there could be an unexpected twist in this as well closer to the end of the season.

However, speaking of the end of the season, this particular programme is on NBC.  NBC is well known for cancelling its shows part way through the season, usually just far enough along in the number of episodes to have hooked its mainline viewers.  Since tv is all about the numbers and ratings and NBC is one of the networks least concerned about cancelling any show that can't start off strong in the ratings, we have been burned a few times by getting interested and even emotionally involved in a few programmes that suddenly disappeared well before the end of their first seasons.

Do we dare begin to get really interested in The Blacklist or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment once again?  We have decided to track the ratings on this show and if it seems it isn't carrying its weight in the numbers/ratings game, we will disconnect ourselves and stop watching it at first hint of a cancellation. We have observed that any great hue and cry of protest coming from staunchly loyal viewers had no effect on having the shows reinstated since there were never enough of us to make the money roll in to the network.  

Parenthood has been one of the delightful exceptions to the NBC rule as they actually gave it a chance to catch on even though it didn't open to great ratings in its first few weeks.  I hope that if The Blacklist continues to be as well written and interesting as it has started out to be that it will be with us for the full season as well.

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