Sunday, September 8, 2013

Amazing Encouragement From An Old Friend

Tonight we received an email filled with good news about, and warm greetings from, an old friend.  It speaks to us both about God's power to transform a life and gives us hope for our own selves as we head into the future.

Many years ago this old friend was married to someone and their marriage was a disaster.  All our lives were in quite a state of spiritual disarray at the time and we were unable to be the kind of help we should have been to our friends, probably contributing to their problems instead of helping them.  Our friends split up, divorced each other and we lost touch with them both.

The email tonight was from someone in another part of Canada who just met our old friend and quite by "accident" discovered we are mutually aquainted. What a delight to receive greetings from our friend, to hear about a new marriage filled with young children, a strong walk with Jesus, involvement in a solid church and in the school where the children attend. The news is energizing!  

Our friend has come out of a deep miry pit and been transformed in heart and life.  It means there is hope for ourselves as well to continue on in a life of transformation at the hands of a trustworthy heavenly Father.  We are delighted and too excited to sleep tonight.  

My husband's sermon today included some ideas  from the book of Jeremiah on being able to trust God, "the potter", that he knows what to make of us, "the clay"; how he reserves the right to change his mind on what direction we are going to go and who we are going to be, based on our own obedient decisions or lack thereof; how he can choose to smash down the clay and rebuild it into an even more useful vessel.  Our friend's life illustrates exactly that.  We are thinking about how it has been shown to us in our lives as well.

Today was a tough day.  Situations arose that need to be dealt with.  It will not be pleasant.  There is a certain amount of dread about what is coming over the next few weeks with these situations, with health issues and what have you.  Just about the time we felt somewhat tired and overwhelmed this evening, the email arrived.  What fantastic news and how wonderful that our friend remembers us with fondness from what was a terrible time in all our lives.  Amazing! Invigorating!

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