Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dis'a and Dat'a

I expected to get my ultrasound results back by today.  No such luck.  Is my doctor away from the office this week?  Are the results unclear?  Do they show nothing to worry about and so the doctor has decided not to waste his time contacting me?  

The question for me is this: do I call the clinic tomorrow and spend the day on pins and needles waiting to hear back from the doctor and maybe getting news I don't want to hear OR do I just forget about it for a week, head off Sunday afternoon with my husband to his seminary many miles away so we can enjoy his study leave week together in blissful ignorance and take whatever news awaits me when I get home?

If the news is troubling what would be the percentage in knowing that immediately prior to being away for a week?  My husband can't cancel his mandatory study leave on the off chance he will have to take me to the city hospital for more tests or what have you, only to find out he didn't need to do that.  If he goes and I stay home I am carless and can't get to the city anyway.  Why not have a week of study and fun before coming home to face bad news....IF there is even any to face??!!

As I put the options down in writing I think I have made my decision. If the doctor doesn't call tomorrow I will leave for the week, enjoy every minute of it, and come home to whatever news awaits me.   

There!  Aren't you just fascinated by the way my mind works through issues?  NOT! hahaha

Yesterday was a nice day:  my husband had a deanery meeting in another town so I volunteered to come along to help do the driving.  He is nearly over his lung infection, but a 6 hour round trip with a meeting in the middle was going to be a lot to face. He is barely back to work as it is.  We had a lovely drive, he had a super meeting with lots of encouragement from colleagues, I went window shopping and bought us a new office chair...and it wasn't even in the window...., had lunch at a fun restaurant, enjoyed a time of prayer with my husband and friends at the end of the meeting, locked myself out of my own car when I let myself become distracted and felt like an idiot having to disturb my husband after his meetings had started, had a fantastic visit with a former parishioner of ours who now lives in this other town, was thrilled when she presented me with a beautiful  scarf and a cloth tote bag. She is incredibly talented at all things crafty...and all things carpentry...and...and....and....  What fun to see her and hear all her news.  Wasn't feeling all that great, but slogged through the day okay, visiting my friend being a real highlight.

Today I woke up with a bit less pain in my lymph nodes in one place and now tonight more pain in a different place.  It is moving around and around and I am so incredibly tired of never knowing where it is going to pop up next.  I never before have had so many ultrasound images taken of such a tiny place on my neck and I wonder if the pain is moving about to try to keep away from the possibility of more of that gel covered ultrasound "stick" pushing at it!! hahaha  Got some errands done this morning AND managed once again to lock myself out of the car downtown. dear patient husband donned his bright pink and white bicycle helmet and came to unlock the car for his dark red house shirt, old jeans, torn plastic shoes and grey blue over jacket.  Ooooh, he was a sight to behold.  hahaha  But he only looked foolish, I actually was foolish...and distracted by a wonderful gift we received in the mail today...the gift that caused me to be at the bank unexpectedly in the first place.  Rule for driving for the rest of this week:  DO NOT BE SO DISTRACTED THAT I LOCK MYSELF OUT OF THE CAR AGAIN!!  

My husband had a good day at work today.  He is facing some difficult "people" issues in the coming weeks and I am so glad he is getting his strength and health back to do it.  We enjoyed our dinner together tonight just talking over the issues and figuring out the wisest course of action.

So many friends and colleagues telephoned today to see how we are feeling since their concentrated prayer efforts began on our behalf.  If we ever want to feel loved we just ask people for prayer.  What a lot of wonderful friends care about us and the state of our health.  We are blessed.  When someone is praying for us it certainly inspires us to keep up our prayers on their behalf as well. Some of them are facing some very tough problems these days so it is a privilege to be praying for each other with great hope in God for answers and help.

Tomorrow will be a day of ironing and packing up for our week away.  I was able to do the laundry today and get everything put away afterward.  Felt stronger today.  My husband told me I am looking better today than I have in several weeks.  Even the constant body rash from whatever it is I am allergic to was less severe today.  I have finally learned to grab the bottle of hand sanitizer to rub on the rash to take out the itch and painful sting.  I remember as a kid my friends' parents putting alcohol on their "bee bites" to take out the works darned well! 

Church hymns are picked for the next couple of weeks, the "water guy" is coming tomorrow with a 3 week supply of drinking water, only the bulletin to do for church on Sunday, chicken is thawing in the refrigerator for a decent dinner again tomorrow so only Saturday to wonder about what to prepare for meals before leaving Sunday afternoon.  Plans are made for next week with friends on and off campus for the times my husband is in class and I am not.  I feel a bit healthier and far more organized today than I have in weeks.

Mom and Dad are doing pretty well considering everything.  They made it out safely from their suite during a false fire alarm yesterday at their condo.  Dad has had his upper body cast scraped back around the neck and under the arms and around the waist so he can sit down better with it on.  The great huge contraption weighs only 4 pounds but he is so light and tiny now that he can hardly carry it without staggering from the weight.  Mom took a 2 hour bus ride across the city to her hearing aid retailer and got her new aids ordered this morning.  She is having the time of her life at age 86, touring all over the city. When she left the hearing aid specialist today she realized she had a few minutes before her bus came so she went into a bakery and brought home 2 giant gooey cinnamon buns for herself and dad to share.  Friends brought them fruit from the Okanagan the other day so yesterday Mom made plum pie. She and Dad ate most of the pie by bed time. haha  They are enjoying their Meals on Wheels dinners.  They each get different meals for lunch and dinner, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They are huge meals. So, on the days they get meals delivered they each eat half of each meal. Then the next day they switch meals and eat the other half of the other person's meal from the day before. Having MoW delivered 3 days a week and being able to stretch those meals into at least 5 days gives mom the energy to do some cooking herself the other day or two.  Their home care and condo cleaning situations are working out well and it is a big load off my mind until I can get out there to see them in a few more weeks.

Today was a very encouraging day.  I am feeling well tonight with the pain being in the background instead of creating that ever present irritation that makes my eyebrows furrow and builds fuzzy distraction in my head.  I am feeling less worried about my husband's health as his lung infection dissipates.  He had his annual physical this week and got a fantastic report so he is encouraged to lose a bit of weight and get more exercise. We have been going back to the local walking track at last and it is good for us both.

So that is all the news that's fit to print.  Our lives have not been particularly exciting in the past few weeks with all these silly health problems, but by next week things should be more exciting.   Hopefully will have lots of good things to report by the time the study leave week is over.   

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