Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Feelin' All Sparkly

What a great morning!  Not too hot.  In fact there may be rain on the way so the sky has been overcast today.  It has been perfect for walking out of doors.  The wasps have found somewhere else to hibernate today while they wait for the rain to pass, no visible mosquitoes.

I was up early this morning and walked a goodly distance to the new dentist's office for a cleaning of my teeth.  Oooh, it feels so good, all polished up and whitened and wonderful.  Finding a dental office that is modern and focusing on pain free treatments of every kind has taken away my fears at last.  I enjoy going to the dentist now and getting the help I need.

After my appointment I took another long walk into the downtown for mail check and a bag of frozen corn niblets.  My husband won't be with me for meals today so I can pig out on the things he is most allergic to.  I even bought an oatmeal cookie, just because I could without tempting him to eat something he shouldn't.

Ran into 4 different parisioners downtown so it was lovely to visit a bit and get caught up on their news.  I feel like I have been ill for so long I am out of touch with our own congregants!

I do have some pain again today, but it isn't very bad, not at all debilitating....not sure I like where it is located in relationship to the painful spot in my neck, but maybe I have just pulled a muscle by laying on my one elbow to read in bed the past few nights.  I have sponge washed my tv pillow and am waiting for it to completely dry before using it again...maybe tomorrow night.

All in all though it is a good day.  I am going to finish eating my taco mix for lunch and pad it out with some niblets corn.  Mmmm...hamburger browned with minced onions, taco spice mix and refried beans, cooked together and then spooned into a large bowl with grated strong cheddar, diced fresh tomatoes, chopped lettuce and black olives (and now corn niblets too) spread over the top.  

Absolute culinary heaven!!  And simple too!!

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