Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Online News Spelling Error of the Week

Early this morning I was reading a favourite online news site article and came across one of the most hilarious spelling errors I have seen to date.  The article was a recent police report from a town where I used to live.  Apparently the local constabulary were investigating a report of "suspicious PRISONS in a residential area".  hahahaha  

Personally I find all prisons to be somewhat suspicious, even those not located in residential areas. hahaha 

How on earth could the word "persons" get mixed up with the word "prisons"?  Likely a spell checker to blame...or else one of the computer programmes that decides for you what word you want to use.  I am more suspicious of those programmes than I am of either persons or prisons, to be honest.

Yup, one of the cutest errors yet.

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