Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun with Google....Part Two Hundred Thirty Seven and Counting!

Myself and, apparently hundreds if not thousands, of other bloggers have not been able to access our own blogs this morning.  Some problem has occurred and is wreaking havoc across Google Blog Land.  I signed myself into the discussion group started over the wierd message we have all been getting today and after reading many postings finally got some help to access.  Still have no idea what is going on, if using the recommended point of access is valid or just someone who hacked into Google blogs and is having all of us on for some nefarious purpose, but for now I will use that method of access.

So, if I disappear for awhile or you have trouble accessing my blog posts, just hang tough along with me and we shall see what happens over the next few days.  In the meantime I have a couple of new spam comments to delete on an old posting before my blog disappears right off the screen...or whatever.....

Other than that I plan to have a marvellous day!

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