Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hey, Did You Know It Is Possible To Be Not Only Awake But Semi-Functioning at 5am On A Saturday?

My husband spent the week in Regina at the annual autumn clergy conference.  He raced home on the last day in order to get to an important church vestry meeting, came home to eat supper and collapsed for the rest of the evening.  He was up early the next morning to get some work done before assisting with our big autumn church fundraising luncheon here in town and spent a long afternoon doing counselling.  In the evening we drove to another town to enjoy participating in a 50th anniversary.  It was a great day even though he was very tired.

This morning we had to get up just before 5am to get him ready to return to Regina with his deacon for a 2 hour meeting and lunch with the other priests and their deacons...another 10 hour round trip with little sleep...the third such trip in less than 2 weeks.  He has missed his days off now two weeks in a row so I am  just waiting for the crash to come.  We were supposed to go to Calgary to see my family this coming Monday and Tuesday but that isn't going to happen.  I can't do that to him.  It can wait a week.  My parents are doing incredibly well at the moment, all things considered.  Thank you God!  Very happy that I have been able to respond to a few emails in my attempt to remain awake so I can get to our church pancake breakfast at 7:30am....and only a few typos in each of them. haha Yeah....I can tell I am tired...I sent the emails and THEN proofed them...oops....but being able to type at all this early in the morning is an indication of some level of proper function, isn't it??

Actually I have been awake since just before 3am so maybe my consciousness is not quite as high as I think it is, but at least I am still awake.  

Only an hour now to fill before the breakfast....I can stay awake....I had a cup of "real" tea to make certain...I can do this...I can...I can...


NO NO!! Wake up!!  Only an hour...I can do it.

This coming week my husband and I have a lot of medical "stuff" going on.  SO hoping my husband will do well with a minor surgical procedure the same day I see a new doctor in an attempt to get more tests to find out what is wrong with me as I enter my fifth month of "the little symptoms that grew".  I don't know when I have been so frustrated with attempts to get answers. I am somewhat better.  It has been a good week, very little pain.....until this morning when it resurfaced. Shoot!

My husband's sister and her husband are arriving the night before all this medical "stuff".  I feel badly that they have to spend most of their visiting time here barely seeing either of us and hope they can extend their stay by a day so we can get a bit of quality time all together.

My son appears to have sold a painting or two this past week...tuition money for his last summer of school in 2014!  YAY!!  Hoping that all works out for him.

A dear dear friend is coming through town at the end of next week and we are going for coffee together...really looking forward to that. She and I are in the same place in some areas of our lives and we seem to be able to encourage each other and rejoice with each other.  

How exciting to have company and drop in visits to look forward to this week.  Anytime we have medical "stuff" we appreciate having other things to look forward to.

Okay, time to get showered up and ready for the pancake breakfast. YAY! Success! I have stayed awake, done a bit of writing and feel good about the upcoming day!

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