Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maybe I Have Discovered a Major Source of My Allergies??

Over the past week I have been tinkering with my diet and this morning it seems something has finally clicked in my brain about what may be a major source of my ever increasing hive-like skin rash.  

Over the past 2 months I changed shampoos and conditioners, my laundry soap and skin creams, all to no avail.  This past week I cut out my beloved and needed calcium filled yogurt and cheese.  No effect on the rash after 3 days.  

So this morning I looked over my food journal again, tracking food ingestion and symptoms and times etc. and may have at last figured out a more basic source for these problems of the past 4 months...a source that does manifest itself in these kinds of rashes and also a few small digestive problems that have also come up in that same time period.

I am suspecting the culprit is wheat.....or at least something in the wheat products that I eat.  For the second time in 2 days I ate a fair sized bowl of wheat cereal, but each of these mornings, instead of racing off to the shower, or getting dressed and racing about doing housework, I have been just sitting still.  I have not worked up a sweat, just been sitting quietly at the computer.  Both days, within 30 minutes of breakfast the rash has started.  It never lasts more than about 40 minutes at worst, but usually it comes right after my shower or as I am running around the house getting the daily chores done as quickly as possible.  When I eat cereal I barely dot my cereal with milk, let alone pour it all over the bowl.  My husband teases me that if I used any less milk there would be no point in opening the carton.  So, since I am not a milk drinker and I have had no relief from cutting other dairy products out of my diet, there is at least a chance the wheat based products are to blame.  

Now to cut all the bread and buns and cereals I so enjoy from my diet.  It ain't easy McGee.  My diet is filled with delicious wheat carbs that I like.  But others before me have done it and succeeded.  I am going to give it a try.  In a couple of weeks I will reintroduce the yogurt and if that is okay after a couple of weeks then I will reintroduce cheese.  My calcium problems require them.  A few weeks after that I will reintroduce the wheat and see what happens.  I will find the paperwork from my allergist about eliminating and reintroducing various foods from my diet.  It is how we discovered the food sensitivities my husband has that contribute to his CFS.  By following the plan  he is now able to eat many of the foods he couldn't touch for years.  

It is my turn to learn more about these allergies and sensitivities. O joy...haha!  But I need some relief from this itchy rash.  Again, the mold in the house may be the most base underlying factor, but I am not able to move out here any time soon, so have to try some other things in the meantime.

A new food journey begins!


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