Friday, September 27, 2013

NOW it is Autumn: the Autumn of My Discontent!!

It was sunny this morning when we woke up.  The day looked cheerful right from the start, particularly after two days of overcast skies and the threat of rain that materialized all around us but never here in town.

However we got a bit of a start when a large robin hopped from the edge of the bird bath into the water and actually skidded across to the other side of the bowl....on a thick surface of ice.  My husband went out to take the ice off and said it was nearly a half inch thick.  (notice my casual post by post mix of Imperial and Metric measures...sorry about that).  Time to activate the heat tape once again on that bird bath. 

Our first hard frost.  Autumn....  The promise of winter to come...again.....(still??  We did have over 7 months of it this past season after all.)

We had a big lunchtime fundraiser at one of our churches today.  As I left the building afterward and saw the change in the position of the sun in the sky and noticed the difference in light conditions compared to a week ago, smelled the slightly decaying odor of the first leaves on the ground and dipped and swayed to avoid hordes of wasps that hover around this time of year, I realized I can no longer be in denial about the onset of winter in a few weeks' time. Brrrrr.....internally I am all ready feeling shaky and miserable before the first snow and ice ever arrive.

Now time to have a short nap before leaving town to go celebate a 50th anniversary in another town quite a few miles down the road.  It will be dark before we come home......and we are coming home pretty early so my husband can leave for Regina in the morning...his third trip there and back in 2 weeks...and he has to leave at 5:30am.  Guess I won't have any trouble being up and ready to help out at our church pancake breakfast in the morning.  I will have been up for nearly 3 hours before it even starts.  I am tired just thinking about it.  Normally there is NO 5am in my world!

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