Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Heck of a Good Deal!

This afternoon I was able to take advantage of a great sale going on at the local library.  I wandered over there to purchase a couple of books at their sale and found a wonderful deal.  For this month only, with the purchase of a ten dollar book tote bag, I could fill the entire bag to overflowing for another five dollars.  What a lot of fun to look through several hundred books as I started filling the tote bag.  I came home with the bag and twenty-three books to enjoy over the next several weeks.  A lot of the sale books were tacky romance novels, but with some concentrated digging I was able to locate those books that are more to my liking.  Thank you local library.  What a fantastic deal...and I love my baby pink tote that has "Go to bed with a different author every night...courtesy of your local library." stamped on the side. teehee

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