Friday, September 13, 2013

Solve Yer Own Country's Problems First, Okay?

In the past week or two an aging rock 'n' roll performer who lives in another country has joined an ever growing group of "celebrities" who are panning Canada's oil sands projects.  Some of their reasons have some validity, particularly in regard to the long term environmental impact, some of them have even done a bit of research about the oil sands and that is commendable.

What alternately annoys me and makes me chuckle is how focused they are on this particular issue when the environmental, economic, military and social problems in their own country are raging out of control. Where is their activism particularly apparent when it comes to their own country's problems?  

To me it is a case of "show me the money".   Please people, show me what you have done to improve the lot of your own country of residence.  Tell me about the protests there you have participated in and how effective they have been in the problem solving process.  Send me copies of the interviews with your own government representatives that have resulted in concrete change for the better. Tell me about the hours and months of research you have done so that you can address your own country's problems intelligently through your access to the media. When you have made great headway in resolving your own country's problems then you will have my ear and my interest in how you would propose to assist my country with its problems.

At the moment it seems to me that mostly what is happening is that you have simply picked up on your own government's mentality that it must play the role of chief of police for the entire planet...or at least to those parts of the planet that are its best economic allies and provide its nation with products its own country is not able to produce in sufficient quantities for itself.

At the moment your rantings about my country's oil sands projects have about as much importance to me as a non-Canadian former game show host who spent years raving on about setting free an elephant from a Canadian zoo...never mind that the animal had spent its life in the zoo and would have starved to death or been killed immediately by predators in the wild....when zoos in his own country are filled with similarly hard done by elephants for who he has taken little or no responsibility. 

So that is my own rant for today.  Back off people.  Deal with your own country's problems first and foremost if you want to gain credibility here.  Then when you have succeeded in your homeland do some actual intelligent research on my country's problems before you start interfering in things outside your own borders.

PS Since you are entertainers for the most part, may I suggest you stick to what you do best...or at least better than you do with your protesting against my country...well, at least some of you do.....

There, I feel better.

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