Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ultrasound For An "Or Something".... Blecch!! Pooey!!

Well, by noon my blessed bladder was letting me know why I couldn't sleep last night so off I went to spend the rest of the day at the clinic waiting to see the on call doctor....a very nice man and most competent.  We are blessed with all the new doctors here. By year end our clinic will be close to fully staffed for the first time in several years.  Hallelujah!

So more meds for this new "condition" and an ultrasound scheduled for my parotid gland on Monday, since it is newly swollen and it isn't mumps this time.  The doctor says I have developed a blocked salivary gland...."or something".

What is it about that casual "or something" that instantly makes my stomach want to pucker inward on itself.  Please doctors and medical personnel, do not casually toss off an "or something" when you are diagnosing me...or anyone else!!  Ya'll hear me? DO NOT SAY THAT!

But the present good news is that I do not have to find a way to travel over 2 hours to the city any more for the required ultrasound.  It can now be done right here at home in the local hospital radiology lab.  YIPPEE!!  It can be done 4 days from now and at the reasonable time of noon, with no preparation.  Just show up on time and voila, the test will be done. 

I have subsequently talked to my friend who suffered the same condition not long ago and she has given me some wonderful ideas about biting into fresh lemons a few times a day to cause the saliva to flow as my body tries to rid itself of the sour juice.  That little blockage just may pop right out of there.  It did for her, why not for me? Right?  Unless the dreaded "or something" is responsible and it is not a blockage at all.

Humph...."or something".....not a phrase I appreciate when I am this tired and need several good nights of sleep between now and the ultrasound.  

Tummy, you need to calm down! Quit gripping yourself so darned tightly!  Between the sore glands at one end and the bladder problem at the other end, I don't need any more trouble with the organs in between!! 

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