Thursday, September 5, 2013

When Sleep is Elusive

So what do YOU do when sleep eludes you completely at nights?

Not sure what is going on with me but I went to bed just after 11pm last night, it is now nearly 5am and I have slept exactly 32 minutes.  

It is too hot for one thing.  The daytime high here yesterday was +31C and so far the temperature has dropped to +15C with nary a breeze to rustle a leaf outside.  +15C is supposed to be a day time temperature, not a nighttime one.

My legs and upper back are aching  ever so slightly from mowing the lawn yesterday morning.  Well, yes, I know I am still not fully recovered from all the health issues of the past month, but that grass was getting so long it took more than one swipe with the mower to get all the tops of the grass blades and a few weeds that survived last month's ultra weed spraying.  I fiddled around with the mower for over 90 minutes.  Thankfully I started at 8am before the heat hit, while the front yard was still mostly in the shade.  Maybe I just shocked my system by tackling a big job like that as my first foray back to the wonderful world of work after such a long break.

My husband had to give in and see the doctor on call yesterday.  He is on powerful antibiotics for the next 7 days and has to be up early this morning to go for some tests at the hospital lab.  He dozed out before he set his alarm so I set mine.  I have noticed that often on nights when my alarm is set I do not sleep.  In fact almost every Saturday night into Sunday morning when I have to get up early to get to our other church service, my sleep is down to between two and three hours maximum.  Am I developing some kind of mental trauma when the alarm is set for mornings because it is the exception rather than the rule in my life?  Even at that, a half hour of sleep is really pushing the envelope for me.

Am I awake because I took an antihistamine yesterday after lawn mowing and my system is on overdrive as I haven't taken one for so long?

Am I awake because I had a 40 minute sleep on the living room couch in the late afternoon yesterday?

Am I awake because I overdid the cooking and other chores after mowing the lawn?  While my husband was at the doctor's office I threw together a huge pot of chicken veggie soup and after he returned home I spent a long time picking out some groceries and running other errands downtown.  I did a couple of loads of laundry too and some general tidying up around the house....usually indicative that I am getting better.  When mess irks me it is a good sign.

Have I simply turned the last corner toward healing and my body is reacting to that?

Is my body telling me I am on the verge of yet another relapse?

I prayed for everyone I could think of when I first woke up and realized I wasn't going to be going back to sleep for awhile.  I read a book for over an hour.  I switched my computer on and entered an online contest.  I read today's online newspaper updates from overseas and across Canada. I updated my bankbook.

In between these activities I tried laying down in bed, but ended up tossing and turning and being generally uncomfortable.

Meanwhile my husband is actually getting some decent sleep with far fewer bouts of coughing to wake him up compared to the past few nights. That is wonderful!  In the past 6 hours he has been awake coughing only twice.

Guess now I can add blogging to my list of "middle of the night" fun filled activities.

I am so wired at this point I doubt I will sleep again until bedtime tonight.  Wait, that isn't true.  If I put the tv on this afternoon I will be asleep within a couple of minutes and have a long nap...hopefully...with any success at all.  As long as this never ending night is not because I am relapsing into another round of illness, there will be an opportunity to catch up on my sleep.  

What a crazy night!! Hope it is the last one like this for awhile!

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