Monday, November 18, 2013

Trying To Not Be Frightened

The medical clinic called late this afternoon to let me know my doctor needs to see me.  She must have my glucose tolerance tests in from last Friday.  Drat!  I don't like the fact that she wants to see me.  In fact I admit to being scared witless at the moment and will be fighting to not make myself sick from stress between now and my appt.  She warned me at my last appointment that I may be pre-diabetic and that would not surprise me.  There has been no family history of diabetes other than in a first cousin of mine who became extremely diabetic in his late 20's.  So my hope is that I am still pre-diabetic and have not crossed the line into full blown diabetes.  I am a middle aged adult carrying a lot of stress at the best of times from other circumstances beyond my control.  I have not had proper medical care for nearly 3 years due to an absence of doctors.  With the shattered ankle I have not been able to exercise properly until very recently.  I have not been careful with my diet over the past 2 years.  It is no surprise I may have a health issue.  I am prepared to hear that there may be an issue to deal with. So why am I stressed out?  I need to grow up!

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