Thursday, December 5, 2013

The End of a Childhood Fear

A few weeks ago part of the crown of a lower tooth broke off.  No surprise as any of my teeth could do that at any time.  The amazing thing was getting it temporarily repaired until I can get a crown put on it next year.

I have never had any procedure done at a dentist's office that did not require freezing but this one was the first.  I assumed I would go to an initial appointment, the dentist would tell me what needed to be done and I would book a second appointment.  Nope, way easier than that.

She looked at it, checked it with a blast of cool air to make sure my assertion of not having any pain in it was holding true, filled my mouth with the usual assortment of dams and protectors, popped a filling over the broken part as a temporary fix until I can have it crowned, shined it up and smoothed it down, removed the hardware from my mouth and sent me home, no charge.  Easy peasey.   No freezing, no fuss, unbelievable.  The pain of having some of the hardware put around my tooth for the procedure lasted all of 3 seconds tops.  The no charge didn't hurt my wallet nor our insurance company at all.

I am always astounded by the progress in the field of dentistry.  When I think back to my childhood, the hours of sitting on the living room sofa shaking in terror, sick to my stomach, because I had to go for a filling or an extraction, the tears because I knew it was going to hurt badly....well, things have certainly changed...for the better.

Hallelujah! End of childhood dental trauma!

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