Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yesterday Was a Productive Day

Ongoing good news yesterday from our son as he continues to heal slowly but surely from his bout with near pneumonia. What a relief!!

Scoured out the bathrooms yesterday.  To have energy again to keep up with all the housework and not just the bathrooms is the best feeling.  Leaping up from a meal to tackle all the dishes without that sluggish, "Oooh, I HAVE to wash them right now??" attitude, is quite a relief.    Being able to exercise at various times of day is so energizing.  I hadn't realized how bad my health was becoming.

A wonderful afternoon for us of pastoral visiting.  What a great  bunch of seniors we have here.  Got home just after a message came in that my husband needed to do an emergency hospital visit and communion so off he raced to do that for a most blessed couple from our parish.

Took a long walk after dinner all around the house and over to the church and hall.  I am sleeping better most nights and feeling so much better.  Life is becoming sweet again in so many little ways.

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