Friday, January 17, 2014

A Good Day To Dance

I am looking forward to my day tomorrow.  Today I did most of the house cleaning and only have the bathroom fixtures left to do in the morning....EARLY in the morning!  My husband and a couple of colleagues have a meeting to attend many hours drive from here and they are leaving at 5:30am!  They won't be home again until after dinner.

So, I have a whole day to fill.  Once the bathrooms are cleaned and a new bulletin is done for church on Sunday I will have the rest of the day to do whatever I want.  I choose to dance!

As I stared at my most recent billing for our satellite service, I wondered how I could get more use from it than I have been in recent months.  I realized I don't make nearly enough use of the many music stations that are part of what I pay for each month.  

There are rock music stations, alternative music stations, world music stations, country "whatever that awful noise is" stations, classical music stations, stations specializing in music from every decade beginning with the 1940's, jazz music stations, heavy metal music name it as a music genre and I guarantee I will have at least one station that features it.

I don't make sufficient use of any of these wonderful stations, so tomorrow is my day.  I think my schedule should go something like this:
-wake up way too early and make breakfast for my husband to eat on the road.
-pick a music station and dance
-collapse back into bed until it is time to eat my own breakfast
-make my own breakfast
-pick a different music station and dance
-clean the bathroom fixtures
-take time to dance
-do emails
-do dances
-make and eat lunch
-prepare and print the church bulletin
-dance some more
-read the next chapter in my book
-dance again
-make and eat dinner
-dance down the evening blood sugars
-practice hymns for tomorrow's church service
-have a dance finale until my husband gets home
-explain to my exhausted husband how I can be so tired after being home alone with "nothing to do all day"
-dance my way back into bed for the night and hope I don't sleep through the alarm ringing in the being all danced out and all......


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