Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Good News Kind O' Day

Had a great session with the RN and dietician this morning.  The first piece of good news is that I didn't fall down "skating" (or make that shuffling) from my car to the front door of the hospital while navigating the sheer ice left over from yesterday's partial melt.

The second piece of good news is that the ladies were very happy with my blood glucose numbers I have been so diligently checking.  They were happy with my diet choices. They were happy with my exercise plan and gave me a couple of tips to help me do more exercise after supper without bothering my ankle and spine as much when they are so tired by day's end.

The third piece of good news is that the RN and dietician are giving a 4 week series of diabetes education lectures during the months of March/April that I will be able to attend.

The fourth piece of good news is that I only have to test my blood twice a week from now until a problem arises to indicate the disease is progressing.  My fingers will soon feel less like pincushions.  

The fifth piece of good news is that my blood pressure has dropped considerably in the past 5 weeks and today we only had to take it once, no spikes from the fear of having it taken.  It was 118 over 72.  I used to spike at 151 over 92 and then drop to about 130 and then after a few weeks on this diet I was spiking at 131 and dropping to 126.  At the specialist appointment last week it still spiked at 131 but then dropped to 109 over 76 on the second try.  Surely my cholesterol is starting to drop a bit now as well.  (did find out today that my last cholesterol test was well within bounds for a non-diabetic and only 2 points over the top for a diabetic so that is also encouraging)

The sixth piece of good news is actually left over from yesterday.  The mess of rash on my legs has healed so well, only a bit of eczema left on top of the skin; even the bruising is starting to disappear and so I tried using the healing ointment on that bit of eczema, the ointment that just added to the problem when it was first prescribed.  It has been 3 months since I filled the prescription, used it nearly the full 2 weeks I was told to use it and ended up washing it off every time as it just compounded the problem with my skin.  Using it over the last 24 hours has gone well, no adverse reactions and no itching whatsoever at any time.  My liver must be starting to heal now as well.  Will have it tested again in a few weeks.

Despite the treacherous walking conditions I am encouraged by a morning of good news.  The sun is shining again and it is only -1C this afternoon.  If our next 2 days are above zero as forecast AND we could get a really strong wind for those days, we could lose some of this ice and snow.

So, friends and family, you have been asking me to let you know how things went today, so there is all the news is excruciating detail!!  hohoho!!  If I can continue on my diet and exercise plan with the ferocity I have maintained to date, I have a good chance of staying in stage one for quite some time before the disease progresses.  No guarantees of course, but for now I am rather encouraged. 

PS My son is regaining his strength after being so ill and is getting started at last on his thesis artwork for this coming summer term at school.  For those of you who prayed so hard for him over the past 6 weeks, it is good to be able to give such a positive report.  There is an excellent art dealer interested in possibly representing him starting in the autumn so that is exciting and I do hope she will decide to take him on.  MORE GOOD NEWS TODAY!!

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