Monday, January 20, 2014

Awwww, C'mon Neil, It's Only One Itsy Bitsy Meeting

Entertainer Neil  Young, who has been blasting the Alberta oil sands project for some time now, has been using this cause to sell tickets to his recent Canadian concerts.  Personally I think he has some legitimate concerns about the project and how it relates to the environment and to the First Nations treaties.

However, his refusal to meet with executives of the oil industry before his Calgary concert is not winning him any new supporters to the cause.  For someone with so much to say, so much criticism to offer about someone else's business, it would stand him in far better stead if he would simply have one meeting with the people on the other side of this issue and engage in an intelligent discussion about the pros and cons of the oil sands pipeline project.

Perhaps the crux of the matter is the "intelligent discussion" aspect.  Perhaps Mr. Young is not quite as knowledgeable about this issue as he wants the rest of us to think he is.  Perhaps he realizes he isn't quite up to the more academic and scientific side of the discussion.  If there are other, more pertinent reasons it would be nice of him to let us know what they are instead of simply refusing to meet.

If you have a point of view in such a political arena you should be prepared to defend it with those who disagree.  You should have an arsenal of factual information that you can discuss with those who oppose your ideas.

I am not accusing Mr. Young of anything specific. Only he knows what his reasons are for refusing to meet with the oil sands personnel.  However, the refusal is not helping his case......his comments seem to be helping only his ticket sales.

All I am saying is, "Hey Mr. should be better prepared to defend your ideas to those who know the most about the project."

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