Saturday, January 4, 2014


About to head off to our other town for a special service with our Bishop.  It is -24C with a windchill of -38C and by the time we get home tonight there will be a windchill of about -47C.  The windchill during church here in our town tomorrow morning will be even worse than that.  How many of our dear seniors will be even able to make it to church to see the bishop and participate in our annual meeting?

The roads in town and the highways out of town have drifting snow and icy patches.

The Bishop and his wife have a nearly 5 hour drive to get here.  We have only a 120km round trip. They are brave.  We are not.

It is winter.  Truly winter.  On the prairies where there are no trees to block the blowing snow.  We will be driving in a blizzard to come home tonight, by all accounts.  In the freezing cold.

Imagine my excitement..........

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bullwinkle said...

Ohh,ahh. Prayers my friends.
Drive safely!