Saturday, January 18, 2014

First the News Then the Dancing

Managed to awaken at 5am and get my husband and his deacon on the road to their meeting.  Just fell back to sleep when my husband called from the highway to tell me he noticed as he drove away that the basement lights were on at the church, so I had to wake up, get up and go shut them off.  Gave up on sleeping after that.

Decided to flip on the computer and read the Canadian news.  The first thing I read was a health alert issued for the flight my son took on Jan. 7th.  Seems there was a small child flying with highly contagious measles and all people on that flight are to keep a close watch on themselves for possible symptoms.  Sigh....

My son had all his immunizations as a child, but as we are now learning, many of those immunizations have a span of effectiveness of only about 30 years.  My son is 34 and flew with a compromised immune system.  

So, here I sit at 6am emailing my son to tell him what he was exposed to and to get to the doctor if he begins having any symptoms of illness over the next couple of weeks or so.  

Learning that my son, still getting over the last of his pneumonia, was exposed to is frustrating to say the least.  WHY DO PARENTS TAKE OBVIOUSLY ILL CHILDREN ON PUBLIC AIRCRAFT??????  I get tired of taking my life in my hands every time I board a plane....terrorists, contagious isn't easy to get on a flight now without thoughts of sad possibilities entering the mind.  My next flight is near the end of April....lots of time to convince myself to not brood about such problems.

But for now.......time to start my day of dancing!!

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