Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Medical News Today!

This morning I had my first annual eye appointment to check for diabetic damage.  The news is great!  My eyes are in good shape for the shape they are in!!  haha  This particular eye doctor explained everything to me: what he is looking for, how he checks for damage, what the photos of my eyes tell him.  He showed me the photos and told me what each band of colour was telling him about that part of my eye.  I am also very happy that I don't so much as need a new prescription for my lenses.  Everything seems to be holding steady in the 2 years since my last check up and prescription.  It was a real treat to go to a medical appointment and get such good news after so much not so great news of late.

Tomorrow I pick up my prescription for my new osteoporosis meds.  I am asking for mercy from God that I will be able to take them with no bad side effects.  This is literally the only drug on the market right now that I will be able to try taking as it is the only one not containing the allergen that made such a mess of my body this summer.

As my son wrote to me last night, in the past few weeks our entire family has been brought face to face with our own mortality. 

And now my hope is that life can lighten up for awhile for us all.

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