Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healing Sleep and a Day Off

I am taking the day off today.  After checking the road reports for my husband this morning and seeing that his drive to our other church should be clear and safe, I am heading back to bed for awhile.  

I do not often receive the gift of a great night's sleep, but I did last night and I am not ready for it to be over just yet.  By 7pm last evening I knew I couldn't stay awake much longer.  I had the lights out by quarter to 8 and other than a brief wake up at 9:30pm to listen to the shouts of joy outside as the Pentecostal church youth played street hockey together, I didn't wake again until just before 7am.  This morning I feel like a punctured balloon; not ill exactly, but deflated and kind of raggedy around the edges.

So much bad news from friends this week and some stressful days for my husband in his work....I didn't sleep well for a couple of nights and the way I deal with stress is to work, work, work.  I deep cleaned the whole house yesterday morning, starting at 6:45am.  I ironed all the clothes from the previous day's laundry.  I cooked myself decent meals and did all the dishes in between.  I prepared more meals for today.  I blogged, I emailed, I balanced my bank book, I sorted clothes in my closet that are too big now to wear, I prepared the church bulletin, I wrapped up the large creche figures and boxed them for returning to storage, I did my entire slate of exercises after each meal.  In other words I went into my day early and kept going non-stop.

In future I have to keep a better balance in my activities.  Since my diagnosis I have been aware of how crucial it is to stay active, not spend too much time sitting about and becoming a couch potato.  The downside of this awareness is that I have been pushing myself too hard some days on top of taking on stress for other people and their problems.  I need to keep turning those stresses back over to God in prayer and remembering that my becoming stressed over other peoples' problems I can't solve is not going to help them, it is only going to hurt me.  It is God who knows their real needs and how to meet them, not me.

I am finished eating my breakfast now and my husband is nearly ready to leave for his long drive to church.  I am going back to bed for awhile for some more refreshing sleep.

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