Friday, January 3, 2014

How Now Kemosabe

Last night we had a lot of fun watching a movie I have deliberately not bothered seeing before due to the terrible reviews it got: The Lone Ranger.  Apparently it was a box office bomb and I do understand why to a point, but I really had a good laugh watching it.

We hadn't intended to see it, but a friend of ours had downloaded it from a rental station, discovered it wouldn't play on his computer because of a glitch in his system, but was able to send it to my husband's laptop where it worked just fine.  We had up to 48 hours left to download and watch it, so many thanks to our friend and his broken computer for a great night of entertainment.

Like many movies these days it wasn't sure if it was a comedy, a tragedy or a drama, so there was an element of each.  I am getting used to this combo of contrasts in modern movies...or perhaps postmodern movies??

There were a good number of silly jokes, witty lines, some pure silliness, complete ridiculousness and generally it was quite a bit of unexpected fun.  There was actually a fair amount of good old fashioned comedy-western humour and we quite enjoyed it. One of the reasons is that Johnny Depp's Tonto character reminded us in his dialogue, attitudes and some of his body movements of my husband's eccentric father, which added another layer of fun for us. For Depp's Tonto it was a dead crow headdress paired with breeches, for dad it was a Blue Flame Kitchen natural gas chef's hat paired with railway overalls.

I have to learn not to base my movie choices strictly on the reviews of other people, at least not all the time.  

Maybe I should try going back in movie time and finally, FINALLY watch Titanic....uh.....naaaaa....I don't think so....

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chris el said...

The Blue Flame kitchen??? I remember that! My mother had a whole collection of their cookbooks. Don't suppose your father in law left you any of those did he?
Haven't seen the Lone Ranger (well other than the original tv series) but I may give it a watch based on your thumbs up.