Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Kinda Good To Be Home....Sorta......

I would call our trip to the city last week a resounding success!  Visiting with our son, my parents and my husband's family went very well, everyone seemed happy despite the brevity of our time there, my appointment with the bone specialist was productive and hopefully the new medication will not cause bad allergic reactions.  There were some interesting snow drifts on part of the road surface on the way there and some icy, slushy patches on the way back, but generally we had good weather and highways.  We felt divinely protected on this trip.

I admit I was kind of nervous about toting my diabetic self so far from home, the first trip since the diagnosis, but of course things went very well.  I discovered I could eat chicken quesadillas in restaurants if they left off the great gooey gobs of melted cheese and I could manage to steal another ounce or so of meat from my husband's plate. teehee At one restaurant the waiter overheard that I am diabetic and so the chef sent me out a one third portion of a beef dip on whole wheat bread with the exact portion of meat I need for my protein count, au jus was substituted for gravy and he left the sweetened cranberries off my salad. Nothing was said, no fuss was made, simply the correct amount of each carb and fat and protein arrived at my place at the table.  That is what I call service! 

I watched my mom struggling more than before with caring for my dad, particularly trying to keep him from getting into his precisely packaged and labelled medications and messing things up.  He can't keep any of it straight and with about 30 pills per day I doubt I could either if it was me.  They are going to have their condo appraised in the early spring and then some decisions need to be made.  Mom is not ready to move out, I can see that.  If she wasn't caring for dad she could live there for a long time yet, being quite independent. Lots to pray about and consider for them.

My sister in law had a health scare while we were there but it appears the condition she has is not the condition we were worried she would have and she should recover nicely. Her husband also has a possible surgery coming up to relieve him of some health problems.  

Our son looks rather well despite his recent illness, although he has been told by his doctor he will be coughing for another month yet.  He is still quite tired, but we saw improvement each day as he took time for a change to rest during the afternoon hours.

On the one hand, health issues seemed to rule our week, on the other hand we did have a lot of fun.  Lots of driving, but on good roads that is not such a big deal as it sometimes is in January.  We saw more snow around the city than we have seen in many years.  The residential streets were, in some cases, nearly impassable without 4 wheel drive vehicles.  My husband and son were able to take a few hours to do their shopping and were both very successful.  My son found an incredible sale happening at one of the most expensive retail outlets in the city and did well for have such great quality available at such great prices was rather amazing. He shops for clothes once a year, buys upscale garments that last for a couple of years or more, even with his tiny wardrobe of items that are worn almost daily.  My poor husband was mesmerized by a sweater that was on sale at 70% off and still cost just under two thousand dollars. hahaha  He and I are not clothes shoppers and he was boggled at the cost of that sweater. hahaha  My son wears only Brooks Brothers shirts and their store also had an amazing sale.  He was able to get an online record of his purchases with their outlet in his home city so that he could check which colours and patterns he has previously purchased and compare their new patterns with the ones he has enjoyed most.  My husband spent the time our son and I were in Brooks Brothers sitting on a bench outside the store, trying to ignore the fact that he was in an expensive shopping mall surrounded by hundreds of people.   He is most definitely not a shopper.  I enjoyed the excitement and the colour, the noise and the bustle.  It was fun shopping with my son, a rare treat.

Delayed plane flights were the order of the day for my son.  He was an hour late arriving in the city and then ended up in Victoria last night on his way back to Vancouver, due to an ice storm in Toronto where his flight was to have originated. His flight was cancelled and he had to be rerouted, but he finally arrived home only three hours later than planned.  Other than impending starvation he was fine. Called to say he made it at last and was on his way to his favourite restaurant with friends.

My appointment with the bone specialist was good....I hope the meds he prescribed are as good as the appointment was.  Since I am now frighteningly allergic to the main chemical ingredient in most osteoporosis meds, there are only 2 options open to me for medicinal treatment.  I am praying that this new medication will work for me because if it doesn't the only remaining treatment open to me is a series of subcutaneous injections that my provincial government health care, as well as our health plan through my husband's work, will not cover in terms of the cost.  So, here's hoping......

Throughout our week of travelling back and forth to airports and cities in the dead of winter, I was very conscious of God's guidance and provision.  There were no times of family stress or tension, mom and I found the energy to prepare a full turkey dinner in honour of my father's 87th birthday, (although that will be the last one ever...too much work for the teeny amount of food 3 of the 5 of us can eat at one meal), excellent travel conditions, sufficient energy for my husband to arrive home last night from the final drive and still put on an excellent church service less than 2 hours later, as well as prepare the last of his annual report for the annual general meeting at our other church this morning, we all slept well (a near miracle for me with the noisy neighbours above the room where I stay at my parents' home), we ate well, we felt generally well....don't know if Dad will have any long term exhaustion problems from our whirlwind visit, but it was good to have everyone together in one place for a few days.

So now it is time to wrap my head around the rest of the winter and our simple prairie lifestyle once again.  I have to get sorted out for appointments and work needing attending to this afternoon and tomorrow.  My husband came home to the news that one of the Lutheran congregants had passed away and he has been asked to take the funeral in the absence of the Lutheran pastor.  So he is off and running once again.  I am taking it easy today, in between making meals and heading out to chunk out some more snow from the rock hard drifts that formed sometime a couple of days ago during a wind storm.  It took me over 45 minutes to clear the sidewalk from the front steps out to the street and I had no success removing the rock hard drifts across the front sidewalk. So will get the heavier steel edged shovel out there later today and try to clear more of it away.  It is perfect igloo snow. It can't be shovelled, it has to be cut into pieces first and then picked up and hauled away.  At least I will get my exercise today.

Medical appointments twice this week, one with the other dietician from the hospital so we can fine tune my food intake and one with the "eye guy".  My husband has a dreadfully busy week, ending with a trip to Regina for a meeting with all the other deacons and their mentors as they prepare for ordinations in April.  Weather cancelled out his last trip there with his deacon, so we hope that doesn't happen again this time.  A 10 hour round trip, leaving at 5am for a 5 hour meeting in the city is not that appealing in mid January, but it must be done.  A week later he has to return there for another sort of meeting.  CRAZY!  And it is going to be crazier as the weeks pass.  More on that later in the month....

Well, off to shovel snow!  No, not shovelling...chunking and hauling....where is the neighbourhood guy, with the fancy  new bobcat and ice shovel that he wants to show off, when I need him??? 

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