Friday, January 31, 2014

Just for Today I Wish I was Chinese!

Today is Chinese New Year, a typically colourful oriental celebration.  This is the one day of the year I wish I was Chinese so I could participate in the day, a day of colour and noise and exotic foods and fun.  On a freezing cold and windy day like we have here today, the temptation to wish I was someone else, partying all day, is strong!

Days like today, as I watched some of the New Year celebrations on the television newscasts, make me grateful that although I am not Chinese, I have plenty to celebrate.  Being a follower of Jesus means I get to celebrate him with the rest of my Christian community every time we get together.  That includes church services as well as the parties and dinners and potlucks and fundraising events.  Every service we have includes singing and joy, expressions of love and acceptance of each other as brothers and sisters in God's kingdom.

Even when I am at home alone I can celebrate.  I can celebrate because I am one of the creatures that Jesus died to save.  I can celebrate because his body didn't stay in a tomb, but was resurrected to show us the power of God and give us hope of our own resurrection after death.  I can celebrate this every day of my life.

Even when I am in dire circumstances that make me feel less than celebratory I have reason to celebrate hidden away behind the pain or despair of the immediate circumstance.  I can celebrate that no matter what I experience I am never alone....good, bad and downright ugly times in life do not separate me from my creator, Father God. 

I can celebrate every miracle, every provision, every healing, every solution to a problem I have ever experienced and that my friends and family in the Kingdom have experienced as God works in us each day.

I can celebrate earthly life.  It is a gift to be alive, to have the chance to know Jesus and his people, the good, the bad and the downright ugly! 

I can celebrate eternal life; life that continues on in a different form after my earthly body has given up and died. 

LIFE on both sides of the Kingdom!!  Earth and Heaven!!



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