Friday, January 24, 2014

One Li'l Runny Babbit

A rabbit has appeared in my sister-in-law's back yard this winter. "It" ( not knowing its gender) is living underneath her overturned canoe.  This afternoon my sister-in-law and her husband, being kind hearted souls who grew up around animals, caved in and purchased rabbit pellets and some timothy hay to put under the canoe for their new "pet".  She wrote me an email about it, saying rather teasingly that she was going to have to name it if it was going to hang around out there.  As I wrote back to her:

I don't know what I would call a rabbit.  Hoppy seems more like the description of a beer, Jumpy sounds like the rabbit has mental issues, Skippy is too 1950's tv family drama and Leapy is....well....just stupid.

I think it is great there is a rabbit wintering over in that big beautiful yard.  My fear actually is that it is a female rabbit who will "go forth and multiply" come spring.  What on earth would my sister-in-law do with an entire brood of bunnies out in her yard?  What would the neighbours do when those bunnies began eating their decorator back yard plants in full bloom?  

In the last place we lived we were close to a highway median and there were rabbits galore living in the tall grasses, breeding RABBITS!  Every spring we had wee baby bunnies camped out underneath our car in the parking lot of our building and lived in constant fear of running over them with the car tires.  They ate all the blooms off my downstairs neighbour's spring flowers, leaving nothing but waving, leafy stems.  They left droppings all over the sidewalks and in the grass in the front yard. Eventually the city had to come and eradicate some of them.  That was a sad day.

I hope I am not extrapolating from my own rabbit experience and creating a ridiculous over the top scenario for my sister-in-law's situation at her home with her rabbit.  

I hope  her rabbit is a male.  

Just sayin'......

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