Saturday, January 25, 2014

Other People Are REALLY Suffering

This week has been not so good in terms of getting bad news from and about other friends and aquaintances.  Somehow the darkening sky, the dropping temperatures and the threat of blowing snow to come later in the evening all go along with my mood today.

A gal I met years ago, about the time I started going to church of my own free will, was diagnosed with a fairly aggressive form of MS some years ago.  After the terrible onset of her disease she went into a long, LONG, period of remission and we were thrilled for her. She had a great life for many years with only minimal symptoms. Then a few months ago she had a very bad episode as it returned in full force.  Her life has been hell for the past few months and there seems to be little hope she will experience any more good days.  

This afternoon I discovered that the wife of a pastor my husband used to work with has stage 4 lung cancer with other lesions and tumors appearing in other parts of her body.  She was not diagnosed until a couple of weeks ago so of course the entire family has gone into shock.  She will undergo an aggressive treatment plan but there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope for any sort of cure at present.

Added into the other bad cancer news from my friend here in town, and the MS news from a good friend far away, it all seems overwhelming to me today.  I know God will care for each of these women and do what he has to do in their lives, no matter how awful things are for them or appear to be to the rest of us.  I know that beyond doubt.  However, I am today obeying the scriptural admonition to grieve with those who grieve.  

A prayerful day.....a grieving I get older I am getting a clearer understanding of people in my age group and older who look forward to heaven as much as, or even more than, they do the rest of their earthly lives.

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