Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking Back Our Monday Day Off

Today we finally decided to take back our day off so we can spend it together doing whatever we want, no stresses to be in touch with other people unless it is a church emergency, or else to be in touch if we want to be, phone off the hook for most of the day, no email checks unless we feel like it, blogging some short posts to our blog sites if we feel like it, eating home or eating out as we feel like it.  Basically we are back to a realization that a day off is just that.....OFF from the usual pattern of the rest of the week. It feels good.  

It feels restful.  It feels like we have a few hours a week at last to block out the rest of the world as much as we can.  In some ways, whether or not we DO anything interesting, it is like a day long date. 

Today we slept in. Today we didn't bother to get dressed until after lunch. Today we unplugged the house phone. Today we went for a good long walk through the church buildings to work on our fitness. Today we drove downtown just long enough to pick up the mail at the post office before retreating back to our inner sanctum here at the rectory.  Tonight we will watch our favourite television programme. Tonight we will work on our passport applications.  Tonight we will choose if we want to eat dinner out or save that for a lunch break tomorrow.

We have decided that Mondays, as much as is possible, are going to be all about us.  Today was a vegging about kind of day.  Next Monday we may choose to go somewhere together and get out of the house for a fun trip.  

The point is that on Mondays we have reclaimed our right to choose. It has been a long time coming. 

Mmmmm, it feels good!