Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well, Excuuuuuuuse Me!

This morning I received a phone call from someone who has been "secretly" reading this blog of mine...a lurker! She was incensed about some things I said and told me that the entire blog is too negative and too focused on what is wrong in the world and in life.

I was rather taken aback by her comments.  When I started blogging the whole idea was to have a place for myself to get some of my thoughts written down where I could see them, particularly things that irritate me, so that I could get a better sense of what to do about those things, think of ways to deal more effectively with them.  Along the way I hoped to inject some of the more humourous parts of my life as well and I think I have done both things relatively successfully, at least from my own point of view.  I didn't write it with the idea of developing any sort of "following" or to use it as any sort of forum for entertaining anyone else who happened to come across it for the occasional read.

I couldn't apologize to the caller for the tone of my blog overall because I am writing it for myself.  As a problem solver sort of person I often see the negative possibilities prior to the positive ones and when situations arise that are difficult or upsetting I like to find as many solving scenarios as possible to work with.  Hence, the often negative tone of my writing.  All I could do was suggest that if she isn't happy with what she is reading it might be better for her to simply stop reading my musings and seek out a blog that better suits her own need for positive reinforcement about life in general.

She had the good grace to chuckle and admit I was right about that.  Bless her, she realized she had created expectations of me that I am not planning to fulfill with my blog postings. I was able to direct her to a couple of other blogs I enjoy reading that are more the happy clappy sorts of writings she prefers.  We hung up the phone better aquainted than when we started.

So, out of that experience, one that could have ended on a negative if not downright combative note, something very positive happened.  I am closer to someone I haven't known all that well previously.  Soon we are getting together for a face to face visit.  

Good stuff!  What a grand way to start the new year. Sometimes you have to start with the negative stuff in order to effectively reach an ultimately positive outcome.

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