Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whompin' Up a Mess o' Vittles (or "Victuals" as the Case May Be)

I've been getting lazy in my food prep over the past week.  Usually I have a long day of cooking once a week to prepare meats and casseroles so that there is always something in the refrigerator or freezer that can be quickly prepared when I need to eat in a hurry.

Today is a food prep day.  It has been a grand morning cooking up some beef, potatoes, carrots, zucchini and broccoli.  In the oven are two summer squashes, there is a turkey pie thawing for cooking later this evening as well as a processed ham.  The processed ham is not something I can eat, due to the salt and fat content and my husband can't eat more than a taste of it because it was cured in a dextrose mixture, but cooked and thinly sliced it is a big hit at church potluck dinners.  We have several of those looming in the next month so I will be prepared.  The turkey pie is a nice old fashioned style with diced turkey meat, potato and mixed veggies.  There is not much for herbs other than a sprinkling of salt and pepper in the filling, plus the crust is pure lard and flour, so I can only have a token slice once it is cooked, but that small slice is a treat. My husband really enjoys "tarting" it up with some Mrs. Ball's chutney or some Major Grey and can eat half of it in one sitting quite happily.

One slice of that ham will be taken off once it is cooked and used to flavour some pea soup my husband is making on his next day off.  He does make a great soup so it is disappointing that I will be able to have about a half cup of it to keep my carbs down to a proper count, but at least I can try it.  That bit of dextrose from the ham slice shouldn't bother him if he stays clear of foods he is sensitive to between now and his day off:  NO SNACKS at our aftcr church coffee hour on Sunday!

I have defaulted twice at lunch times this week with bits of tuna for sandwiches and egg and tomato pita wraps with my one allowed strip of bacon.  Two defaults in a week is one too many so I have to get back with the programme.  Having food all ready prepared prevents my having to risk cheating on my meals.

Yesterday we had a wonderful visit in the afternoon with friends from our former town of residence in Alberta and it was a great time, but I realized when they left it was nearly time to eat and I had nothing prepared. Shucky darn, we just had to go out for dinner...sigh...such a shame...NOT!  It was fun to go out to eat now that we so rarely do.  I gave my garlic toast to my husband, had tea instead of milk to lose one carb so that I could have a perogy instead.  Ooooh, yum!!  It was such a treat.  Such a small package to contain so many grams of carbohydrate, but it was worth every delicious mouthful.  I discovered it is possible to cut a perogy into 8 wee pieces to stretch out the flavour and I ate the pieces like a condiment with my main meal.  When it ran out I stole half a french fry from my husband's plate, cut it into 6 wee pieces and quite enjoyed that as well.  Then I came home and exercised for a full hour to make sure my blood sugar stayed in line with the acceptable rise after a meal!!!  

I think now that is the way for me to watch The Blacklist....while exercising.  It is one of my favourite tv shows. it is exciting enough that it distracts me from looking at the clock to see how long I have been exercising and the exercise takes away the tension that I feel waiting to see how the plot for the episode is going to turn out.

Yesterday was a very fun day with company and eating out; regular activities most people enjoy without thinking twice about them, but here in the "outback" as I call the prairies, it is a great treat for me to do both things in one day.  

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