Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Change in the Ratings System

Today our church celebrated the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.  One of the things my husband talked about is how we in the west have it all wrong about the purification of Mary; how we have our ideas of why the mother of God and other women would need purification very backward from how the Hebrews viewed those rites and ceremonies.  The way we have translated it into English makes the scriptures seem to say that women who have given birth have done something dirty and impure and need to be cleansed, when from the Jewish standpoint the purification rites are a celebration of women coming as close to being creators like God as they ever could come. After the birth the potential to create life has just ended for a time and so the ritual cleansing honours what they have just accomplished.  The purification ritual fills that void created after the birth.  (well, that is the short version anyway)

I was watching a ventriloquist on television a few minutes ago, a very talented fellow with great control of the puppets and, for the most part, a very funny script.  Of course part of the act degenerated into a sort of low brow bathroom humour for a time, as seems to be the way of "adult" programmes.

The show was rated for Language and Mature Subject Matter.  After watching the show I started thinking about that.  It seems to me that, like our view of the purification of Mary, we have things backward.  

My idea is that it would be far more accurate to rate a programme like that for Language and IMmature subject matter. 

Seriously, wouldn't make far more sense? 

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