Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Precious Little Gift

My husband arrived home safely last night, bearing gifts for our son and for myself.  He  really missed us when he was away and is stoked about going to see our son in April.

The gift he brought me had me in tears because it is so lovely.  He brought me a tiny book called "Best Friends" by Jenny Kempe, one of a series of small greeting card style books.  It is a book of sayings about what it is that makes two friends "besties" and is illustrated with line drawings of little birds that appear to be a cross between penguins and ducks.  It is a very cute book.

What makes it so special and personal to me is that my husband wrote his own comments on each page; comments as to how he sees the saying by the author applying to me and to our relationship.  His insights are right on and the time he spent thinking about what he would write for each page is very meaningful to me.

It is wonderful to have been missed so much after only a week's absence.  It is extra special to be his best friend.

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