Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Tad More Warmth, Outside and In

Woke up to a few degrees warmer temperature than we have had in the past couple of weeks.  Even a few degrees helps eradicate the trapped feeling we generally experience all winter.

I got up right at 7am to take the garbage bin to the curb and discovered a few centimeters of fresh snow needing to be shovelled before the work and school bound pedestrians pressed it down into a solid, icy mass.  We haven't had any new snow for several weeks and I admit it felt REALLY good to grab the snow shovel and work away for a few minutes before I came in for breakfast.  Ever mindful of the bone breaking fall I had a couple of years ago during an early morning shovelling attempt, I put my cell phone into my coat pocket "just in case".

Fortunately it is still pitch black around here at 7am so the neighbours couldn't see what I was wearing out there on the sidewalk.  Thinking originally I would simply be taking the bin to the curb and returning indoors immediately, I hadn't really dressed for shovelling.  Aiiii yiiiii....what a sight I would have been had anyone been around to view it.  I was wearing an old paisley flannel nightgown. The bottom hem stops about 10 cm above my ankles.  The exposed skin, between that hem and the top of my old hikers with YakTraks wrenched onto them and bare feet thrust into them, is still scarred from the liver damage. While it is continuing to heal well, to the uninitiated I would have looked frighteningly diseased!

Over top of the nightgown I wore an old wool coat that is far too big, although it was classy in its day (its "day" was about ten years or more ago), and leaves a full 5cms or more of nightgown showing around the bottom.  I had a torn grey scarf around my neck and my hands sported a pair of over sized ocean blue woollen mittens my mother in law made for my son twenty or more years ago.  I am guessing that by the time I was finished shovelling, the exposed skin above my ankles was a matching shade of blue from the -21C temperature.

In other words, most bag ladies from the downtown core of large urban centres look better than I did this morning, shovel in hand. Sigh....

Well, the job is done, I enjoyed doing it, and about the time I completed my task I realized that no diabetic should be out shovelling before eating breakfast.  How quickly we forget.......  O well, no harm done.  I ate as soon as I came inside again and breakfast tasted just a bit better than usual from the excess hunger I was starting to experience.

Shovelling always gears me up to do other tasks, so I cleaned the stove top after breakfast.  I was in a quandry about cleaning the oven. It really does need a cleaning but the idea of using spray oven cleaner at a time of year when I can't open the windows was repulsive.  Blecch!!  Breathing in such fumes has to be harmful.  However, I got out the oven manual for the first time since we came here to see if there were any other products I could safely use. Lo and behold, it turns out this little oven has an automatic cleaning cycle.  I have lived here 4 years and didn't know that.  When all else fails read the manual!!  Duh!!  I found the switch, turned it on, and in about another 2 hours I should have a clean oven to sponge out.  Delightful!

This afternoon's task is to clean the fridge and fridge freezer.  Yay, work is getting done around here.  I feel Greeeeaaaaaat!!   

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