Monday, February 3, 2014

And I'm Back on Track!

After my 13 hour overnight fast my sugar is back down to where it should be this morning.  YES!!!  (whew....)  Well, the dietician told me to check out different things to give me a better idea of what bothers my system and discover how many carbs and sugars in various former favourite foods I can tolerate, so when it comes to pizza, now I know. One slice once every month or two will be great!  I have learned as well that I cannot tolerate even the allowed one tablespoon of ketchup. There is a lot of sugar concentrated in that small amount and my body doesn't tolerate those particular sugars.  There is the same amount of sugar in other things I eat, fruit sugars mostly, but the sugars in ketchup are terribly hard on me for some reason.  So now I eat my ten allowed french fries ( my husband's home made, unsalted, fries) dipped in mustard and they are surprisingly good that way.  Again, something I can have once a month with no problem. This diabetic diet is a fascinating journey.  Having a monitor to check blood sugars gives me the visual I need to understand what is happening to me when I eat various foods.  Seeing the fat and salt related damage to my liver repairing itself from watching the symptoms disappear more each week gives me the understanding of how serious things were before I was diagnosed.  It motivates me strongly to want to stay healthy and not return to the disaster I was courting previously. The liver damage is mostly from the over the top allergy to my osteoporosis medication, but the amount of salt and fat I was ingesting also contributed to the problem.   It is wonderful to actually see the results of my body healing itself and to be motivated to eat properly and keep exercising.  

Another good day on the horizon!  My husband is sleeping in, he has made no big plans for his day today so we can putter about clearing out more boxes of outdated paper work and just enjoy a more stress free sort of day.  I can do a bit of grocery shopping and plan the rest of my week.  Being home all day with my husband is always fun even when we don't do anything much but hang out together.

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chris e. said...

As long as you don't mind feeling like a pin cushion, you can have some real fun with the 'which food is the worst?' game. (ok, I need to get out more, I know) If DH eats canned peaches in 'light' sugar syrup he gets a much higher blood sugar reading than if he eats the same amount of peached canned in pear juice.
Now there's a couple of hours of fun a non-diabetic will never experience!