Friday, February 28, 2014

Cold Weather Cancellations

My husband is away leading a retreat.  He won't be back until late this evening and of course, par for the course when he is out of town, a situation has arisen that I have to attempt to deal with in his absence.

Once again the curse of the prairie winter is upon us.  A most important meeting for our deanery was to happen tomorrow 3 hours away from here.  My husband had made all the arrangements for everyone in our part of the deanery to car pool together with people in other parishes.  It was to be the first meeting of the deanery with the bishop and executive archdeacon to explain the new plans for our area.  Wardens, treasurers, vestry members and others interested in growing our deanery had signed up to attend.  The host church's ACW ladies were preparing lunch and all was set to start off a new era in our Diocesan life.

That is, it was, until the weather forecasts came in last night and this morning.  The cold snap that hit us this past week is actually worsening over the weekend and into next week.  By 6am tomorrow, the departure time for the attendees from our parish, the windchill will be approximately -51C!  The entire province is under an extreme windchill warning.  It is so cold we are looking at the possibility of cancelling our church services this weekend....a real rarity on the prairies where we pride ourselves in our ability to tough out the winter no matter the conditions.  All ready this morning every school bus in the area was cancelled.  If it is too cold for the buses it is too cold for the rest of us to be out unnecessarily.  It is probable that there will be a tow ban in place due to that degree of cold.  In other words, if anyone is out driving and their car breaks down, no tow truck is coming to retrieve them.

Spring this year will be more welcome than ever.  Tomorrow is March 1 and we are experiencing the temperatures generally associated with mid January.  

Now the scramble begins to find a new date on which to have the deanery meeting that suits sufficient numbers of people.  It is tentatively rescheduled for a couple of weeks from now, but by then we will be in danger of early spring storms.  hahahaha  'Twas ever thus on the good old prairies.

In the meantime I have had to locate the passwords for my husband's work email addresses and attempt to discover who all I need to contact to let them know of this cancellation.  Of course, I had nothing better to do with my morning........yeah........NOT!  Well, life is never dull!

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