Thursday, February 13, 2014

Edmonton, 1962

In a box of old papers and books my husband recently sorted out, he discovered a page from an Edmonton newspaper published in 1962.  

I had fun today looking at the new releases in the movie theatres, features like Sodom and Gomorrah, The Miracle Worker and Warriors Five.  Even more entertaining were the various ads adorning one entire side of the sheet.

Standard gauge inlaid linoleum tiles were 8 cents apiece, wall coverings were 40 cents a lineal foot.  Automatic electric ranges, on sale for $169 were regularly priced at $279.  Wow, can you imagine even picking up second hand appliances nowadays for such low prices?  Remember mantle radios?  These were on sale for $15.98. You can't even buy such things any more. Hot water tanks were selling for the huge price of $19.95!!!!  We just received a bill for over $100 just to have ours repaired!  AND how could anyone resist purchasing hip waders for $4.95???  Or putty knives for 29 cents?

The most amazing price to me though was the advertised sale price for Heintzman's studio pianos.  They were sale priced for $725, one hundred dollars below regular retail price.  I purchased my first studio piano from Heintzman company in 1973, only 11 years later.  The actual retail price had all ready doubled in that time.  My piano retailed for just over $1600 but because I was paying in cash I received a $100 discount.  I was proud of that little piano and the fact that I could walk into the store with a wallet full of cash to make the purchase. Granted, it wasn't a tribute to my fine money management. The cash was part of a court settlement from a serious accident I had been involved in.  Nevertheless, purchasing that piano with cash and then walking into a music store a couple of days later to purchase stereo components the same way and receiving another big discount for a cash purchase, gave me temporarily what today's young people have been calling "swagger". haha O my, I was proud of myself. hahaha

So many fun memories, drawn from a few minutes of looking at a yellowed, torn page from a paper published over 50 years ago.


bullwinkle said...

Ahh memories! ;)

chris e. said...

No kidding!
And what exactly is cash? There's a whole 'nother 'back in the day' concept!