Monday, February 10, 2014

Excuse Me, But Could You Repeat That? I Couldn't Have Heard You Correctly...etc.....

I had an interesting verbal encounter the other day that made me wonder what people are thinking when they say some of the things they say.  It is causing me to be more aware of what I myself am saying sometimes. Am I confusing other people like this particular conversation confused me?

The conversation went like this:

Other Person:  I hear that Sylvia is very ill with a serious disease.
Me:  Yes she is in a very bad way.
Other Person:  She doesn't deserve this. She is such a good cook.
Me to myself:  Whaaaaa????

Somehow I cannot connect the lack of need to end up with a fatal illness based on a person's cooking skills.  Is it just me that doesn't understand this concept?
As a result of this short exchange I am becoming paranoid about attempting to verbally convey any sort of concept, even the more concrete ones.  Again I say, "Whaaaaaa??"

In other news:  I am enjoying receiving emails from various friends who are on holidays all over the world during this particularly miserable prairie winter.  Reading about palm trees, deep blue oceans, luxury resort condominiums, dry red earthed deserts and raging surf, always cheers me up and warms my heart.  Just knowing there are actually places on this earth that do not experience the incredible cold and icy snow that we experience in winter, gives me hope that some day I may escape such winters myself.

Tomorrow my father will be seeing a specialist that will let him know if he is a candidate for receiving injections of spinal cement.  At his advanced age and considering the amount of pain he experiences every day of his life, I can only hope the answer will be "yes".  I know there are sometimes problems with that particular treatment post injection, but at his age can they not risk it for the sake of pain control?  Perhaps his particular spinal fractures are not conducive to receiving the cement, but I do hope it is possible for him.  Mentally he is going to crash if this last option for help is closed to him.  My  mom will then have to also deal with his depression. It is a bad space mentally for senior couples to be in.

Last night yet another old friend found us online and contacted us.  How many does this make in the last couple of months?  Not sure what is going on with all this wonderful seeking and finding of each other lately but we are certainly enjoying it.  We are reconnecting with friends across North America and Japan and it is wonderful.  For us this is the world wide web at its best.

My husband begins his week of conferences and meetings all over the province.  Hopefully he slept well last night and is going to have safe drives all around.  The one day snow is predicted is one of the days he will not have to be travelling anywhere, so that is a bonus and a blessing.

I have a list of household chores this week that is somewhat daunting to look at.  However, it is going to be fun to get caught up on some long outstanding jobs like fridge and stove cleaning.  I have a book series that I am going to start later today.  I have to train myself to take time to read at other times than just before bedtime.  At this point I am too well trained to fall asleep after reading about 5 pages of any book....not a good thing to do at 3 o'clock in the afternoon!

So here's hoping that yet another week of very cold weather will pass quickly and that we will soon have hope of warmer temperatures.  We are experiencing a bit of "cabin fever" lately as we find ourselves unwilling to go to the effort of starting the car and driving off into the winter unless it is absolutely necessary.

Oh well, at least I have the hope that the fact that I am not a good cook may protect me from some of the more serious health afflictions....sigh......

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