Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fantastic News For My Dad!

My father had an important meeting today with his back specialist.  Today he was informed he is indeed a candidate for spinal "cement" (gel) injections.  Dad had a list of questions regarding the procedure and possible problems and side effects and his doctor was able to honestly answer all of them.  Of course problems can develop later with leakage if the injections are not done properly and having to go off his blood thinners for awhile prior to the injections could put dad in a position to have a stroke, but both things are fairly rare.

What gave my father the most peace about having this treatment done is that his specialist is waiting on the radiologist he most trusts to do the procedure properly.  Within the next few weeks dad has a chance to be relatively pain free for the first time since 2012! I am so delighted for him.  He is in such agony most of the time, constantly increasing his intake of morphine pills in order to cope.  This treatment is his last hope of pain control and weaning himself off the heavy drugs.  Spinal fractures that happened in the spring of 2012 are still "hot spots", the surrounding tissue still inflamed.  No wonder he is in such pain all the time.

My mother also gets a break when dad has this done.  She may get her husband back to some extent mentally and emotionally as he becomes less dependent on morphine.  She may be able to get out of the house for longer periods of time without as much worrying about what condition she will find dad in when she gets back. Dad will be able to take taxis again more easily without so much worry about the pain as he travels.

I am going to trust that none of the post-procedure problems arise for dad and that this experience will help him and mom transition more easily into the coming phases of older age.

In other news, my son called tonight and we had an excellent chat.  He is sounding healthy and happier than he has in many months.  

My stove, oven and fridge are cleaned and sparkling.  Looking forward to a chance to walk downtown sometime in the next couple of days, or at least to shovelling some more snow in the morning to get fresh air.  My blood sugar has been stable for the past couple of weeks.  I had a great chat this afternoon with friends from BC and AB.

It is all good.

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